CSArt 2013 – BMoCA and DBG

I have been invited by Director of Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) David Dadone, and Director of Exhibitions, Art & Interpretation at Denver Botanic Gardens (DBG), Lisa M. W. Eldred, to participate as one of eighteen artists for their CSArt 2013 project.  The project initiative engages artists presently working in Colorado with collectors by introducing them though a unique shares/collective model.  Invited artists are given a honorarium to create small works to be curated into collections.  Artists also receive work from other participating artists in this program. Thus, the community of artists and collectors support one another,  whet appetites to collect more work and establish relationships for the long term.  The first art distribution event was held May 16 at the DBG on the west terrace. Brian Vogt, CEO of the DBG, spoke about the institutions enthusiastic support of CSArt, followed by David Dadone, who graciously thanked everyone for their participation. I was introduced to speak next and rendered my experiences with CSArt by citing what participation in the project engendered in me; about the artists’ need for supportive and challenging community.  I referenced the nature of a community of artists that first put the United States on the Art World map and the continued need for community and collaboration vs  competition as the life blood of creative work for artists.  Colleague and painter Teresa Booth Brown followed with important words about the project helping ‘good work’ to get out of the studio and into the world for others to engage it. My work will be available to collectors who have bought shares this August at BMoCA.  One of the fifty nine works will be on exhibit to the general public at the DBG From mid-August through October, 2013. Check back for details.

For more information about CSArt 2013 @ BMoCA, please visit : http://www.bmoca.org/   and or via the DBG website : http://www.botanicgardens.org/events-exhibits/art-exhibits

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