Full Circle

This month I went down to New Mexico to see a show at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, talk business and enjoy the town of Sante Fe.  My husband and I visited  Zane Bennett Contemporary as soon as we arrived.   The show featured mid century masters such as Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell, Jim Dine and others.  Coincidentally, my husband had pulled some of the prints on exhibit there, back in 1988 in New York.  We enjoyed our talk with director, Christian Cheneau, as we discussed a fine art  publisher’s global search for exquisite papers for  projects, such as the Robert Motherwell projects, with which we were  involved.

My painting, which has art historical roots in Colorfield painting and American Abstract Expressionism, also refers to Japanese Zen aesthetics as well as it incorporates unique processes. Importantly, the work addresses the subject of transcendence and synthesis, which are perspectives the world needs now, more than ever.

After our meeting, we went to The GO’K where Susan Rothenburg’s paintings, were on view.  Rothenburg’s direct, honest voice, was evident in her large scale paintings which addressed everything from the quiet, unproductive moments in the studio, to her iconic horses, to  her very personal painting of wandering eyes, intimate impressions of her mother’s death.  Her notes also made reference to visits with her dying friend, painter Elizabeth Murray.   Looking at that painting made me feel I was glad the gallery was quiet despite the many people wandering and looking, as if I were in a church, or sacred space.

Many years ago, Susan Rothenburg paid me an encouraging studio visit.  This visit in Sante Fe had me feeling forward looking as well as it  felt like a revisiting of connections.  In many ways I felt as if I had come  full circle, one of many rings intersecting others in my life.

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