Margaret Pettee Olsen (American, 1963) is best known for her conceptually loaded and spatially dynamic abstract paintings. “I’m preoccupied with altering perception and usual orientations in looking and seeing,” she has said. Influences include a nascent career in dance, and professional work in the New York printmaking world, where she steeped herself in the visual language of post-war painter-printers, pop, and other artists. Pettee Olsen established the professional lithography press, Oberon Press, in TriBeCa in 1990 as the founding curator. She has since primarily focused on painting. With its emphasis on color-shifting paint finishes and an illusory sense of fractured yet fluid space, her paintings have been described as “insistently interactive.” They suggest a view that is dynamic, multivalent, and complex. Pettee Olsen maintains a studio in the Hudson River Valley, in New York.

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