Structures and Effects

The following videos give glimpses into passages of color-shifting surfaces within Pettee Olsen’s paintings, allowing the virtual viewer a sense of what it is to see the artwork as if on-site. Paintings are shown in their entirety to indicate scale.

The videos on this page offer a window into the color-shifting surfaces created by the artist
Strange Attractor, synthetic polymer and interference paint on canvas, 60 x 66 inches
Luminous reflective paints of varying effects are developed as one of many devices Pettee Olsen employs in creating her paintings, or “mutable perceptual events,” as one art historian wrote of her work (See About). Strange Attractor is pictured above.

Bar None, synthetic polymer, spray, and reflective paint on canvas, 48 x 60 inches
A passage from ‘Bar None’.

Color-shifting detail in Drop Scene, above.

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