Reflections on New Mexico

If you’ve ever walked the narrow roads of Sante Fe, you’d almost get a visceral sense of the different shoes that have traveled there over the centuries because little has changed in the architecture and the land.  However, your attention to the dusty, narrow sidewalks and scrub pine peeking through fences would soon wander as you’d be distracted by the light and sky. Walking down canyon road, now entirely lined with art galleries in original low slung, ancient spaces, you cannot help but hold your face to the North.
Everyone walking the Canyon turns to face the horizon, the rolling rough hills and distant mesas, but most importantly the light.
The domed sky is constantly moving , always dancing, opening up.  You get a sense of why artists are drawn to paint.   It is no wonder Georgia O”Keeffe, Agnes Martin and Susan Rothenburg found their homes here. Sante Fe captures artists souls gladly.

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