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Fun inclusion: 1001 MODERN ARTISTS YOU SHOULD KNOW is an anonymous list (though likely developed by conceptual artist: Allan McCollum) of artists that are considered noteworthy today.  All the artists on the list appear to be women, save McCollum.  Allan McCollum creates installations that address ideas of uniqueness amidst large numbers. For the complete list of artists, please visit the following link:



Art (Breaking Glass) Colorado Women in AbstractionCourtesy of the Center for Visual Art/MSUD Margaret Pettee Olsen,”Vortex.”

“Women artists, long victims of the grip of critical subjugation, are beginning to get their due, thanks in part to groundbreaking exhibitions like Gwen Chanzit’s Women of Abstract Expressionism at the Denver Art Museum. With a national show of that scope on the local lineup, Cecily Cullen of Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Center for Visual Art decided to do something similar for Colorado’s healthy contingent of female abstractionists, and Westword critic Michael Paglia, a scholar of abstract art with a unique knowledge of who’s who in the state, was the clear choice to curate the CVA’s satellite exhibit. The result, Colorado Women in Abstraction, opens with a reception at 6 p.m. on July 15.”  — Susan Froyd, Art critic, WestWord –A Village Voice publicatoin

Margaret Pettee Olsen at the UCF Center for Emerging Media

“File Not Found, Gallery EOSS, “Pettee Olsen is an accomplished painter whose brushwork offers much to contemplate and absorb. Her large canvases are blatantly abstract but so rich in color, texture and gesture that one finds traces of the figurative. Her mark-making evokes image-editing software with graphic overlays, howling blank space, and chaotic trails of paint that weave sometimes fluidly, sometimes jarringly, through one another…. Pettee Olsen layers paint until it achieves a kind of controlled chaos, eventually approximating the feeling of what she calls a “media-driven version of experience.”

“… In this intriguing show, Kane and Pettee Olsen search for new forms to host the wild hordes of zeroes and ones we encounter in our daily lives.”  — Alexander Castro  freelance journalist and arts writer, Attleboro, Mass.

“…Margaret seems to draw from art history itself…from the caves of Lascaux to the canvases of Pollock.  You can also trace her roots as a one-time dancer and print maker (for the likes of Motherwell, De Kooning and Stella).  She builds intriguing surfaces by impregnating the work with metal pigment, creating pieces that are deep, light reactive, lush and rich, with a commanding scale and color range.”  — Patrick J Hamilton, Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th Street, New York, New York

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