FILE NOT FOUND work by Margaret Pettee Olsen + Brian Kane

  FILE NOT FOUND Work by BRIAN KANE and MARGARET PETTEE OLSEN Curated by Alexander Castro OCTOBER 15 2015 through NOVEMBER 14 2015 Opening Reception: OCTOBER 15, 2015, 5-10 pm Gallery EOSS 91 Hartford Ave., Suite 105, Providence, RI 718.501.4155 Gallery EOSS welcomes BRIAN KANE and MARGARET PETTEE OLSEN for its November show, FILE NOT […]

State of the Art Criticism

I’ve been away from my blog as I’ve been planning and then moving my studio to a new, much larger space. A flood forced the move, but it turned out to be an excellent one. So I have some catching-you-up to do. Here’s a quick recap of what’s been of note to me outside the […]

Searching For A Name For This Painting

I’ve been considering a number of titles for this work and have decided to put it to the public for inspiration.  Any and all suggestions will be considered. Please submit your ideas in the comments section below. Click to enlarge image. Thank you for stopping by. —Margaret Pettee Olsen

Happy Birthday James Rosenquist

This is a print I pulled with James Rosenquist in 1988. The limited edition serigraph was for Brandeis University National Women’s Committee. I had just moved to Manhattan and was pleased to have been introduced to adjoining print shops where I worked printing and assisting a variety of artists. Rosenquist was one. Happy Birthday James Rosenquist!

Art Business As Usual?

I was recently out of town when I walked into a ‘reputable gallery,’ thinking if I found a small ‘gem’ I might buy it. Yes, as an artist, I like other work as well as my own and will trade with an artist or, on occasion, buy another artist’s work. As I walked into the beautiful space, […]