A four-person exhibition exploring “Absolutely Nothing and Everything In Between”
M Pettee Olsen . Michael Oatman . Rosanne Walsh . Monica Church

James Palmer Gallery – Vassar, Poughkeepsie, New York

curated by Monica Church

…the majority of the painting feels entirely random, unable to be described or put in a box. Embodying the abstractness of “Imploding Meaning,” … with the only undeniable quality being the talent and care put into the piece

Arts Editor Ganesh Pillai, Miscellany News, Vassar
— on the paintings of M Pettee Olsen


The Coral Door, New York, New York


A symposium, New York, New York

 …she works with refraction, dissimilar actions and strategies, as well color bars and floaters that partake of  boundlessness, and sensation. With reconfiguring planes and light-reflective media, the paintings resist any coherent reading and are insistently perceptually interactive…

-Stephanie Grilli, art historian, PhD Yale – Thingly Affinities symposium, conducted by Taney Roniger, New York, New York

William Havu Gallery, Denver, Colorado

striking and beautifully conceived … All of Pettee Olsen’s paintings have an ethereal glow, almost glistening…

-Michael Paglia, WestWord review of WOMEN IN ABSTRACTION, William Havu Gallery
COALESCE | Group Exhibition

Goodwin F/A, Denver, Colorado

…polymer-layered canvases that are painted in broadly brushed swaths of organic tangles, drips and markings she calls “edits.”

– Susan Froyd, Art writer for WestWord – Village Voice


A little levity here – I am Included in conceptual artist Allan McCollum‘s humorous take on the art world’s marketing ploys to edify collectors on who’s important to know in the art world. 1001 MODERN ARTIST YOU SHOULD KNOW is a list of who’s who in the art world – and female. Allan McCollum who is also listed, thereby hiding his ‘signature style’ in plain sight, is known for his often immersive installations concerning the nature of the unique vs the mass-produced object, and materiality vs value.

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